Iran refuses to back down from its goal on nuclear deal | News

The president of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, reported on Tuesday that his country will not back down from the red lines during the negotiating process with the West in Vienna, Austria, on the renewal of the nuclear agreement, suspended since the departure of the United States (USA). USA) in 2018.


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In this sense, the Iranian president emphasized during a meeting of the Assembly of Experts that: “The Government continues the nuclear negotiations in full accordance with the principles and the framework established by the supreme leader, it has not gone back and will not go back on any of these lines red”.

Similarly, President Raisi added through an examination of the negotiating process that: “In the first step, the government seriously sought to neutralize the sanctions, and in the second step it seeks to lift the sanctions in very honorable negotiations.”

The Iranian leader highlighted the commercial growth of the country due to the expansion of the range of relations based on a balanced foreign policy that seeks to strengthen ties with the international community.

The negotiations, which seek to reactivate the nuclear agreement reached in 2015, are at a defining moment, which is why the Vice Secretary General of the European Union’s External Action Service, Enrique Mora, declared the need to specify efforts during the next days.

In line with this, the Iranian negotiating delegation has stated that it will not withdraw from Vienna until the negotiations are completed. At the same time, they pointed out that the re-entry of the United States to the agreement requires a margin of time.

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For his part, the spokesman for the Iranian foreign ministry, Saeed Khatibzadeh, highlighted on Monday the progress made in the talks in Vienna, and reaffirmed the Iranian government’s position in terms of maintaining firmness until the proposed objectives materialize.



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