Nin the midst of an escalation of tension with the United States, and to intimidate the U.S. navy in the region, Iran transferred a replica of an aircraft carrier to the Strait of Hormuz, repeating a simulacrum that it had already rehearsed in 2015.

A satellite image captured on Monday reveals the sending of a missile from a helicopter against the fake aircraft carrier, at âscope of the military exercise that is developing with this replica.

Other images show the replica being surrounded by several Iranian ships, causing white waves around it, while firing shots from anti-aircraft batteries.

The Fifth Fleet of the United States Navy, based on the Bahrain, which patrols the Middle East waterways, remains “confident in the ability of naval forces to defend themselves against any maritime threat,” said brigade spokeswoman Rebecca Monday. Rebarich, when asked about movements in the region.

“We cannot talk about what Iran hopes to gain from the construction of this replica or what value tactical hope to obtain using this replica, in a training or exercise scenario “, commented Rebarich.

The replica aircraft carrier carries 16 models of fighter planes on its deck, according to satellite photos and the ship appears to be about 200 meters long and 160 meters wide.

The model has strong similarities to a similar used in February 2015, during a military exercise in which Iran attacked this fake ship with machine guns and missiles, eventually destroying it.

The replica still resembles aircraft carriers of the class Nimitz that the US Navy USA sails in the Persian Gulf, from the Strait of Hormuz.

This situation occurs at the moment when tensions between Iran and the United States increase, after janeiro the Americans murdered the Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, in an air strike in Baghdad.

At that time, Iran retaliated with a ballistic missile attack against a military base on which US military personnel were stationed.

Last week, a US fighter plane USA he approached dangerously a commercial plane of an Iranian airline, causing injuries to passengers.

Asked about the fake aircraft carrier, Brian Hook, special representative for USA in Iran, he told reporters that this situation is part of a “continuing problem” with the Tehran regime.

“We would like to see the Iranian regime spend more time on diplomacy and less time on military stunts,” concluded Hook.

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