Iran Claims Revenge at Nuclear Scientist Fajrizadeh’s Funeral

With a guard of honor, wrapped by an Iranian flag, verses from the Koran —Because it is an Islamic republic— and in front of the building of the Ministry of Defence: This was the funeral, held this Monday in Tehran, from the nuclear scientist Mohsen Fajrizadeh, member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, considered the father of the Persian country’s nuclear plan and killed last Friday in an ambush on the highway north of Tehran. Fajrizadeh, wounded by several gunshots, died in the hospital. His bodyguards perished in the car.

The Iranian government blames the event on Israel, whose secret services have a history of similar actions; but never against a person of such high rank within Iranian institutions, the intimate enemy of Israel.

Fajrizadeh’s funeral, which has been broadcast live on Iranian public television, it has also had the presence of several members of the government. Among them, the Iranian Defense Minister Amir Hatami. “Iran will take his revenge In time. We must not let them push us to this trap& rdquor;, said this Sunday the Iranian president, Hasán Rohaní, which is considered from the faction of moderates within the Iranian institutions. The most radical wing, commanded by the supreme leader, Ali Khameneí, cries out for immediate revenge and punishing those responsible.

Pressure on Biden

Many analysts, and from their statements, the more moderate members within the Iranian government, believe that this attack, in the words of Rohaní, is a “trap & rdquor; that seeks to raise the tension in middle East: for Iran to take its revenge and slow down, which would cause the new administration of Biden, which will take possession of President of the USA on January 20, could not politically justify a possible future rapprochement with the Tehran authorities and try to revive the 2015 nuclear pact.

This agreement was broken by Donald Trump that, in addition, imposed sanctions against Iran that have pushed Iranian economy towards the gorge and have caused the Iranian authorities to renounce several of their commitments in the pact, including, enrich uranium more than the limit set by the document.

In the Middle East, the one who has benefited the most from Trump’s policies has been the government of Benyamín Netanyahu. This is why your administration may want to pressure Biden’s not to change anything.

“Thank Israel & rdquor;

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Officially, however, Israel has been silent: your government does not accept being responsible for Fajrizadeh’s death. Unofficially everything is different: “Israel will continue to act against the Iranian nuclear program as long as necessary. Iranian aspirations for the nuclear bomb, sponsored by Fajrizadeh, posed such a great risk that the world should thank us& rdquor ;, said a anonymous Israeli officer al ‘New York Times’.

Mohsen Fajrizadeh was considered responsible for the Iranian nuclear program to develop the atomic bomb, which was officially dismantled in 2003. Israel, however, considers that this program never ceased to exist: Netanyahu, in a presentation in 2018, even referred to Fajrizadeh. “Remember his name & rdquor;said the Israeli prime minister.