Iran Castillo shows off her “baby bump” at 45 and inspires other women

Fans of the Mexican actress Iran Castle They are delighted to see her enjoying a second pregnancy and love to see pictures of her growing belly, so they definitely loved the last images that the 45-year-old woman shared, where it is seen that the pregnancy is in the last trimester.

We recently saw a photograph in which Iran Castillo showed us her baby bump and her followers enjoyed seeing her huge pregnancy belly and how serene and happy she looks, so with this photograph she has inspired other women who want to resort to late motherhood.

And is that several of his followers said they were discouraged by their age to have children, but seeing that the actress of “Soñadoras” she is having an uneventful pregnancy at 45 years of age, that served to reconsider their decision to be mothers even if they are already over 40.

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But we must say it, although Iran Castillo has shown us that pregnancies over 40 are possible, the actress has emphasized that has had to take much more care than when your first pregnancy, well, although it can be done, the risk percentage increases.

That is why doctors point out that women who want to have children after the age of 35 should take more care of their health, try to ensure that they are at their proper weight, that they do physical activity, that they preferably do not have chronic degenerative diseases and that are accompanied in the process.

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And since Iran Castillo is a singer and actress, she has always had a diet and physical activity regime that allowed her arrive in better condition for a late pregnancy, so you should never lose sight of that overall body health matters if you want to experience late motherhood.

Iran Castle awaits child

Recently the actress of “SOS I’m falling in love” boasted photographs of a Baby Shower that she carried out, where she revealed that is waiting for a child and she said that in addition to being pregnant with her partner Pepe Ramos, she is also being accompanied by a professional Doula, which is like a midwife in Mexico.

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In this way, the couple is receiving close support from the Doula and this has allowed them to become more aware of childbirth and the care to be taken during pregnancy and after that, especially due to the age of Iran Castillo, which, as we already said, although it is not an impediment, it does represent a greater risk.

So the couple is ready to wait for their little boy, who is nowhere near their lives, so that soon we will be able to meet the second son of Iran Castillo who arrives at a time full of love in his life and that of his partner, the influencer Pepe Ramos.

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