Iran carried out test missile that caused an explosion near nuclear facilities – News

Citing a military source and local media, the Agence France Presse wrote that the test triggered an explosion, which was felt about twenty kilometers from the Chahid Ahmadi-Rochan nuclear complex.

“One of the missile systems in the region has been tested to assess readiness on the ground, and there is nothing to fear,” the commander of air defense for the Natanz region said, speaking to Iran’s state television.

The test was carried out at a time when the Iranian nuclear negotiations are underway in Vienna.

The so-called JCPOA (Joint Global Action Plan), concluded in 2015 between Iran and six powers (United States, Russia, China, France, United Kingdom and Germany), and in the presence of the European Union, has been moribund since 2018, after the administration of the then US President, Donald Trump, has decided to withdraw unilaterally from the agreement and impose a real economic blockade on Tehran through heavy sanctions.

The 2015 deal offered Tehran a lifting of part of the sanctions in exchange for a drastic reduction of its nuclear program, placed under the control of the United Nations.

In response to Trump’s decision, Iran has chosen to renounce its commitments, and is now demanding an end to sanctions as a first step towards returning to its 2015 commitments.

The current US President, Joe Biden, has admitted his willingness to return to the agreement, should Iran reimpose its nuclear restrictions.

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