iPhone – Apple adds a new accessory to its range


The Cupertino company will market a battery that is magnetized on the back of its range of iPhone 12 devices.

Apple markets the MagSafe external magnetic battery, sold at a price of 105 francs.


Apple announced on its site the sale of a new accessory to supplement the autonomy of the iPhone. The MagSafe power bank snaps onto the back of the iPhone 12 range of devices. The US firm has not released official estimates for battery life or charging capacity. But, as TheVerge site notes, a photo of the product suggests that the MagSafe battery has a capacity of 1,460mAh, which is just under half of an iPhone 12’s 3,110mAh battery.

This external battery will work with all four phones in the iPhone 12 range: iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. In a support page, Apple also indicates that the battery requires the software version iOS 14.7, an update still to come but which should not be long in coming.

The MagSafe battery can charge a phone with 5W of power, roughly the same as the old iPhone wall charger, but slower than the 15W you get with a regular MagSafe charger. When connected to the iPhone, the user can plug a cable into the Lightning port to charge both the battery and the device at a faster rate.

Available at the end of the month

This accessory is the latest to use Apple’s MagSafe system, introduced last fall with new iPhones. Apple has already been marketing batteries that physically plug into the iPhone port for a long time. Users of the iPhone 12 line have further complained that they cannot last a full day with a charge of their iPhone.

Smartphones have seen their autonomy improve with ultra-fast charging devices now available on mid-range or even entry-level devices.

On its Swiss site, Apple promises deliveries from July 26 at best. The sale price was set at 105 francs while it is 99 dollars in the United States (around 90 francs at the day’s rate).


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