iPhone 14 Pro leaks reveal a revolutionary feature about cameras and a shocking price

New leaks revealed by some foreign reports about the specifications that the iPhone 14 Pro is expected to bring to the market next September, especially on the position and accuracy of the cameras, which revealed these leaks about a surprise that is the first of its kind, pointing out that the iPhone 14 Pro will move to a camera A 48-megapixel main camera with ultra-high-resolution imaging and modern revolutionary features, to increase 4 times the accuracy of the cameras of the latest versions that come with 12 megapixels.

The iPhone photography revolution

It seems that the greatest interest from Apple during the coming period is focused on the position and accuracy of the cameras, despite the gradual development in the cameras of those phones during successive versions that started with the accuracy of the cameras (iPhone 4 to 4S – from 5 megapixels to 8 megapixels, iPhone 6 to 6s – 8 megapixels to 12 megapixels), even the latest version with 12 megapixels, but the new conversion expected in iPhone 14 Next, it will be 4 times the resolution of the previous cameras, up to 48 mega-pixels, in addition to providing 8K video recording.

For those waiting for the iPhone 14 .. a surprise 10 years late and a new feature for the iPhone 15, according to the latest leaks

Basic Specifications

  • Dimensions and structure of the device: Length 146.7 mm, width 71.5 mm, thickness 7.7 mm, and weight 174 grams.
  • Screen: Super Retina XDR OLED type, 6.1 inches, resolution of 1170 x 2532 pixels, dimensions of 19.5, screen refresh rate of 120 Hz per second.
  • Processors: Apple A16 Bionic hexa-core processor, 4nm manufacturing accuracy, and Apple GPU graphics processor.
  • Charging and battery 3000 mAh, with direct support for 20W fast charging.

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Recent leaks of the iPhone 14 refer to surprises and great developments in the screen, camera and storage capacity
iPhone 14 Pro leaks reveal a revolutionary feature about cameras and a shocking price

And shocked about the prices

The leaks also indicated that it is expected that the prices of the upcoming iPhone 14 will be raised, and the price of the iPhone 14 Pro may be blowing the price of the iPhone 13 Pro Max by $ 1099, while the price of the new 14 Max version may start from $ 1199.


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