Tim Cook, chief executive of Apple

After so many rumors now the first confirmations arrive. The iPhone 14 could, for the first time in history, take the door of usb-c charging. This was stated in a report by iDrop News, a site specialized in new releases in the technological field, which has collected various indiscretions from sources close to the company they supply precise information on the next generation of smartphones of the Apple. According to the most recent internal rumors, at least two of the four models of iPhones scheduled for next September, the 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, will mount a standard type-c port, which will replace the lightning connector, currently mounted on all Apple smartphones.

Apple already uses one such charging on the latest iPads. The decision would be consequence of both the requests of the European Union, and ad October had invited the hi-tech giants to comply with a single standard to meet the needs of consumers, both for purely technical matters. Today lightning port would not in fact allow for speed data transmission equal to that of usb-c, more and more required to move large files between devices and towards computers.

A concrete need for users iPhone who take photos and videos in high quality (ProRes), heavy formats from the point of view of archiving and transfer. There transfer rate of a lightning connector is comparable to that of a USB 2.0 port, now outdated for technology. The Biden administration also said it was in favor of the transition to the single connector, for the main devices consumer technology.

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