For who is looking for a high-end cell phone, with a good camera, a very fast processor and large internal memory capacity, Apple has launched its new iPhone 13 collection, same that has many significant improvements over 12 but also a very high price, something that has been questioned.

Apple users, as well as other brands, sThey often question iPhones since, according to his perception of quality-price, they usually have a very high value and is due in some areas, so it has been revealed how much it costs to make one of the new models and how much the company could be earning.

How much does it cost to make an iPhone 13 Pro?

The ‘Techinsights’ platform, who usually does studies in various branches of technology, thoroughly analyzed the iPhone 13 pro, what would he be second most expensive of the new Apple releases, and to say that he did it thoroughly is literal, because They took one completely apart to see how it is built.

The ‘mutilate’ this iPhone 13 Pro it served the analysts to see all the pieces that compose it, in order to try to make an estimate of the real value of the cell phone and Compare it with the price that is for the public.

After seeing the boards, connections, circuits, sensors, cameras, memory slots, screen and other parts that make up this device, se could make a unit value global for iPhone 13 Pro, which would oscillate in the 570 dollars, that It would be equivalent to 11,855 pesos.

It is cell phone it is sold in Mexico to approximately 25 thousand pesos, so doing calculations, you could say that Apple earns just over 200% on each piece, having income from 13 thousand 145 pesos… but beware, this ganancia is not net, Well, some still need to be done deductions by advertising, packaging, transportation and others.

Beyond the additional costs, you could guess that Apple makes a good profit on every iPhone it sells, especially the 13 Pro, because being one of the newest is the one that everyone wants. Maybe and by way of speculation, get some 6 thousand or 7 thousand free pesos of each piece.


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