iPad Air is shrinking: New Apple tablet still in 2021

One of the most renowned insiders is currently interfering in the rumors about a new Apple tablet and is confirming our hopes for the coming autumn. So there will be a new iPad in 2021, similar to the iPad Air – but it will be much smaller.

There has been speculation for a long time, but now Apple expert Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, who is known for his correct predictions, has confirmed Apple’s work on a new, small iPad. According to him, it will As expected, the tablet marketed as the “iPad mini” was presented and sold in autumn 2021 (Quelle: Bloomberg).

New iPad mini in the shape of an iPad Air

With the coming 6th generation of the iPad mini, the smallest tablet in Apple’s portfolio is growing beyond itself, you could say it is really growing up. Gurman not only confirms the existence of the device, but also a completely new design. We can expect narrower bezels, a slightly larger display (8.4 instead of 7.9 inches) and more performance. According to Gurman, we can expect the biggest redesign of the tablet since the first generation in 2022. There is a good reason for this.

It is also certain that the new iPad mini 6 will run iPadOS 15, im Video there is an overview of the new system:

Because with similar predictions the Apple insider Jon Prosser shone in June. He anticipated Gurman’s statements and presented us with matching concept images of the new iPad mini. They show quasi a current iPad Air, just smaller. The Luftikus thus apparently serves as a model for Apple’s smallest tablet.

In this form we have to reckon with the new iPad mini:

Apple’s new design language

At the end of Apple one consequent decision. We remember: Originally the iPhone manufacturer introduced the new design language (flat edges, full-format display without home button) with the 2018 iPad Pro, last year the iPad Air was given the new design, so Apple’s smallest tablet would be available in 2021 the series. But there is one special feature: The Air dispenses with Face ID (Apple’s face recognition), instead relies on Touch ID in the power button. Something similar should be expected with the iPad mini 6.

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