iOS 16 allows you to do something with the Apple Watch that I never thought was possible

The amount of accessibility options that we find in Apple systems is the most amazing. These are features intended for those who may have difficulty interacting with devices, but sometimes they simply catch the general public’s eye for what they offer. This is the case of the possibility of control the Apple Watch from our iPhoneone of the many new features of iOS 16 and watchOS 9.

An accessibility feature with interesting possibilities

The new system of sharing the screen from Apple Watch to iPhone is really interesting. just as we remembers Fran Besora on Twitter, we can access this interesting option from the Settings app. just let’s go in in AccessibilityThen in Apple Watch Mirroring and finally activate Apple Watch Mirroring.

We will see that our Apple Watch appears at the bottom of the screen and that, simply by tapping on it, we perform actions on our watch. We can touch both the digital crown button and the side button to complement the actions. There is no limitation on what we can do from our iPhone on the Apple Watch. By holding down both buttons, we can even turn it off.

While in our Apple Watch we will see a blue frame that surrounds the entire screen to indicate the duplication, we can keep using the watch as we normally would. The synchronization speed of the actions is practically instantaneous, and allows us to access the clock without having to touch it.

iOS 16: main features, how to download it and compatible models

Although, as we have already said, this is a feature designed to favor the use of the Apple Watch by people who require it, the truth is that it is an interesting resource for, for example, interact with our watch while it is charging. Along with all the new features of beta 2 of iOS 16, this is a very simple system with quite surprising results.

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