Among the new features that the iOS 15 system will introduce in the fall, one of them will make iPhone theft even more difficult. Or at least, it will make it easier for its owner to find his smartphone when it has been lost.

With the next operating system, a switched off smartphone will not be totally switched off. When the power is off, the device will go into a low-power standby state, reports the specialist site 9to5Mac. In this state, it will function in a way like an AirTag, Apple’s beacon which is used to find lost objects, by relying on the Locate network. The latter consists of millions of devices from the Apple firm in circulation that may be near the lost or stolen device, pick up its Bluetooth signal and automatically return its position to the cloud.

This means that even if the device runs out of battery, it is theoretically possible to locate it for several more hours. Apple claims that location tracking will work even if the phone has been restored to its factory settings with the Activation Lock engaged.

This new feature will be activated by default, but it will be possible to deactivate it by going to the settings of the Locate app, adds the specialized site.