Inzaghi furious after the game: victory is not enough, the mistake is truly sensational

Despite the victory, Inzaghi after the game expressed anger at a mistake of his team: what he said really surprised everyone.

Beyond the victory, Simone Inzaghi, he did not seem entirely satisfied with his game Inter, his words on the clamorous mistake committed by his have displaced everyone.

Simone Inzaghi, Inter coach [credit: Ansa] – Il Calcio Magazine

A crazy race that of San Siro between Inter ed Empoli which opened on the third to last day of A league.

The Nerazzurri of Simone Inzaghi they were called to give a signal to Milan (busy Sunday evening in Verona) and also at the Juve in view of the final of Italian Cup which will be staged on Wednesday evening.

The opponent was obviously not the most formidable, Empoli from Andreazzoli he had already obtained salvation in the last round of the championship by virtue of the draw of the Salerno a Bergamo and, therefore, the motivations could be scarce even if, as often happens, these teams, already free from mental commitments, are the most dangerous.

The progress of the match demonstrated these hidden pitfalls.

L’Inter had a decidedly shocking start with Empoli who was able to go as far as the double advantage he had ice cream San Siro.

They thought about putting things right Lautaro, Sanchez and an own goal by Romagnoli who have given a comeback success that undoubtedly all’Inter can not help but give enthusiasm to the stars and the conviction of being able to center the above on the cousins ​​of the Milan.

A painful victory but one that gives courage and nourishes Inter’s ambitions therefore, a victory that, however, in the same way, does not give to the coach Inzaghi that total conviction.

Precisely of this the former technician Lazio he spoke in the post-match interview, displacing all the fans.

The Inter coach is clear: what happened is inconceivable

And Inzaghi half satisfied with the one who spoke to the microphones of the journalists in the post match against Empoli.

The Nerazzurri coach seemed so happy for the very heavy 3 points obtained against an opponent who hid various pitfalls but at the same time, an inconceivable mistake of his own, did not allow him to fully enjoy this match.

“We will see the boys the first 20-25 minutes again, because we played them too hard”, very clear words those of the former technician Lazio who pointed the finger on Inter’s nightmare first 25 minutes that went down 0-2.

A mistake that the Nerazzurri certainly cannot afford given the run-up to Milan and the final of Italian Cup on Wednesday evening.

Nevertheless Inzaghi however, he said he was satisfied with the remaining game of his team who reacted and reassembled: “We played, created and got stakes, with Vicar who was very good. We are inside “.

Lautaro rejoices after the goal of the momentary 3-2 [Credit: ANSA] - Il Calcio Magazine
Lautaro rejoices after the goal of the momentary 3-2 [Credit: ANSA] – Il Calcio Magazine

And Inzaghi half happy so that he is now preparing for this final rush of 4 games that can say a lot about the season dell’Inter.



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