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Feyenoord is very close to an agreement with ‘five wealthy Rotterdammers’, Chris Woerts reports in Veronica Inside. The investors plan to put an amount of ninety million euros in the club out of club love. Part of that, thirty to forty million euros, must go to the players budget. “As long as they have not signed, it is not entirely certain, but this is very serious,” Woerts assures.

“The talks have been going on for a long time,” says the sports marketer, who believes the contracts will be signed soon. “Five wealthy Rotterdammers are going to put ninety million euros into the club. Why? Club love, they do it for the club. It is divided into two parts: they have to buy out Goldman Sachs, then you have already lost 24 million euros. That is still possible. be a problem because nobody really knows what the contract with Goldman Sachs looks like.” This month De Kuip came into the hands of the investment bank, because Stadion Feijenoord could no longer meet its obligations. De Stadion NV is a company that operates independently of the Feyenoord club.

“Then there is the option for the Friends of Feyenoord to get out for those who want to, they will then get their investment back,” Woerts continues. “It all still has to be signed, but it does mean that the stadium will go back to the club. Then you have everything under one management, which is of course the very best for the club. Feijenoord Stadium has a larger supervisory board than Heineken, and they all talk along. That only costs money. You have both the club and the stadium, that has never been one entity.”

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A part is therefore also put into new players. “One of the objectives is to invest the remaining amount in the team. You don’t know how much remains, but about thirty or forty million euros,” said Woerts. “They have set two conditions: no Feyenoord City, and they want to get rid of the STICO.” The Feyenoord Continuity Foundation is one of the highest bodies within the club. Among other things, the foundation manages the so-called ‘golden share’, which gives it special authority and safeguards the cultural heritage of the club. The body includes Yvo Opstelten (former mayor of Rotterdam) and investor Pim Blokland. “They still have decision-making and appointment powers, and they want to get rid of that,” says Woerts. “They want to be able to decide quickly.”

Feyenoord has appointed Dennis te Kloese as successor to the departed general manager Mark Koevermans. “Dennis will return to the Netherlands on Thursday, and then everything will be formally settled,” said Woerts. “He was officially appointed last week and he will start on January 15. He will come to the Netherlands, look at houses and find a school for his children. He wants to bring his children to the international school in The Hague, so he will also live there. .”

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