Investment in digital advertising quadruples in Latin America

  • With the advance of social networks and the birth of influencers, brands are deriving more and more budget to these people with whom the advertising impact can be segmented like never before.
  • The total investment in marketing in Latin America represents more than a third of the figure that has been invested in Europe.
  • In Latin America there are 63 percent female influencers and 37.8 percent male influencers.

As the number of users using different digital platforms using smartphones or portable devices increases, companies are constantly researching new ways to connect with them and gain their trust.

The field of action of companies is so broad that it could be said that it covers all business segments.

In order to engage with these new groups in a creative and authentic way, marketing strategies look to so-called influencers, people who have become indispensable to brands.

The way to use them as a vehicle to bring non-traditional advertising to consumers is growing and advancing without brake, to which we must add that the modality of commercial transactions grew thanks to cryptocurrencies, releasing a barrier that was the way of I pay.

Growing segmented digital advertising

Influencitythe Influencer Marketing platform, has begun a study of influencers in Latin America with the aim of calculating the way in which their digital advertising has grown over the years.

One thing he discovered from early analysis is that marketing spend within this region has grown nearly four-fold over the past two years, rising from $7.9 billion to $34.65 billion.

The total investment in marketing in Latin America represents more than a third of the figure that has been invested in Europe, 89.5 billion dollars, and eight times less than that used in the US, 283 billion dollars.

Most of this figure comes from Brazil, a country that represents 35 percent of the total investment, Colombia has 20 percent and Mexico 15 percent.

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Different studies indicate that there are almost 19 million active influencers on the Instagram social network in Latin America (2022 data), which represents 8.9 percent of all platform users in that region.

The distribution according to the demographic situation of Latin America has remained stable in relation to the study of two years ago, with 63 percent female influencers and 37.8 percent male influencers.

According to the figures for Central America, the analysis indicates that Guatemala has the largest number of influencers in the photo and video social network with 41,305 people, Honduras with 27,654, Nicaragua with 14,343, El Salvador with 4,752 and Costa Rica with 1,646 people.

A large part of them fall into the “Nano-influencers” category, which means that they have accounts with between 1,000 and 10,000 followers.



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