Intruders panelist argued with Flor de la V and they kicked him out

Since Flor of the V landed on intruders (America) nothing was the same anymore. His debut was in February and it would only be for a month, but finally the channel decided to renew the contract and leave her as a fixed host of the program that Jorge Rial knew how to lead for 20 years, and for a more limited time, Adrián Pallares and Rodrigo Lussich.

The truth is that the panel of the program also had its renewal and along with Flor came Nancy Duré, Maite Peñoñori, Marcela Tauro and Lucas Bertero. The relationship in the team seemed good although there was always friction over some specific issues and this week A strong cross between the driver and Bertero ended with the panelist’s disassociation.

The last time they shared the table, they were dealing with the subject of Dr. Mühlberger, together with the lawyer Mauricio D’Alessandro, who detailed how the legal situation of the doctor accused of malpractice is.

It was there that Bertero asked about Mühlberger’s sister, to whom it was said at the time that she could be charged, when Florencia interrupted him and said: “But what does the sister have to do with all this? We’re talking about Mühlberger, not the sister!”

Flor’s comment led to a strong discussion that they kept off the air and that it finally concluded in the departure or “farewell” of Lucas from the cycle. And that was not all since the driver also did her thing on social networks, where she stopped following the panelist.

Despite the fact that he was kicked out of the Intruders panel, the journalist is calm because he knows that he has the contract with America, so the authorities will integrate him into another panel of one of the cycles that the station has.



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