Introducing Terra Nil, create your ecosystem.

The video game publisher, Return Digital, has just presented his future to us construction game ecologist: Terra Nil. It is developed by the studio Free Lives.

Terra Nil

Terra Nil is a construction game against the grain of classic games of the same theme. Here, you will have to create life, build ecosystems on virgin land; to ultimately destroy all your constructions and thus let nature live by itself.

To make this land fertile, you are going to start by creating an irrigation system, then purifying the soils and then seeding and cultivating the land to produce vegetation. To continue, you will need to restore biodiversity, regulate the climate, and introduce flora and fauna.

Once your mission is completed, you will have to recycle your structures in order to leave this environment without any human traces.

Cards are procedurally generated, which will cause you to play on unique cards each game.

The game is scheduled for PC, its release date has not been communicated.

Proofread and corrected by: Optimus13