Journalist Charlotte Le Grix de la Salle has just published the guide “NEW YORK L’ESSENTIEL” with Editions Nomades.

She was kind enough to answer our questions:

My most authentic place

The Grand Central Oyster Bar, under the station. A classic ! I treat myself to a dozen oysters solo, regularly.

My personal ritual linked to the city

Accompany my son to school every morning through Grand Central, and tell me it’s the most beautiful station in the world.

Who (or what) embodies the counter-power for me in New York

The artists, undoubtedly.

New York, a compartmentalized or transversal city?

Multi-cultural, multi-racial…. By dint of saying it, we have the impression of rehashing a cliché. But it’s true. New York is a port, a place of passage for thousands of foreigners who come to try their luck here. The elites are accessible. We can easily meet them, talk to them. And they’ll have an interest in what you’re doing. It’s very surprising, so new for a French woman! Afterwards, money makes the difference, and a lot of New Yorkers belong to a lot of very closed clubs, we can’t deny that. But it’s more through work, curiosity, tenacity that we make our hole, not through the network.

The best gourmet restaurant

Marea, Italian fish restaurant.

What have I done for New York?

Come there, leave one day, like everyone else here. We are only there for a while and for what we do there. Walk, breathe, work, live an experience. The only thing we can do for New York? Be yourself, at your best.

What has she done for me?

Give me freedom. And therefore the strength, the desire to move forward.

A budding artist to discover?

Norisol Ferrari, fashion designer. Already very well known in New York. We cannot say that it is “budding”. But the parades are just starting in Europe. Very inspired by France, more than by Italy she says, for the quality of her craftsmanship and the delicacy of her taste, she pursues with passion her work on leather and fur. Cuts combining femininity, extravagance and chic. A bit of Jean-Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood, Jean-Claude Jitrois. Ultra-couture Rock. Its showroom, right in Chinatown, is a marvel.

How do you recognize a New Yorker?

He misses several taxis in a row, he does not pass his MetroCard through the turnstile at the right speed and gets angry, he does not know that there are “local” subways and “express” subways, entrances to metro “uptown” and “Dowtown”. He gives an address without giving the intersection of the street. He does not know which “tip” to add to the bill. He groans in traffic jams and in queues.

The missing metro line

The new line on second avenue, strongly that the construction ends that we end with this work!

Interview by Jean-Michel Selva

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