On Saturday evening, the star duo of YouTube McFly and Carlito appeared at the NRJ Music Awards, broadcast live on TF1. In front of millions of spectators, they could therefore be seen on the same stage as international stars such as Ed Sheeran, Elton John, or Wejd … Dua Lipa, and many others. You can imagine it, the presence of the two men at such an event did not fail to make people talk about it, who had a great time on their favorite social network. Especially since McFly and Carlito did not content themselves with figuring, they performed live! We don’t know what you thought about it personally, but we have a vague idea given the tweets that circulated this weekend. Here is a small cocktail concocted by us.


Le duo @levraimcfly & @Raphael_Carlier go up the stairs evening! ud83dudd25 #NMA #NMA2021 #NMA21 pic.twitter.com/3FiCcgDp3o

November 20, 2021


When he saw Mcfly and Carlito sing #NMA2021 pic.twitter.com/ZXF0Uc4EHW

November 20, 2021


They announced Adèle to us, we meet up with McFly and Carlito #NMA2021 pic.twitter.com/8OnOgXryIq

November 20, 2021


* McFly and Carlito sing *
Ed: “This country with the atomic bomb,
This country has the atomic bomb… ” #NMA2021 pic.twitter.com/YFGnn1hwv8

November 20, 2021


They promise you Adele, they give you McFly and Carlito #NMA2021 pic.twitter.com/KI8XxcBuax

November 20, 2021


So wait there the 2 rats of Mcfly and Carlito have the right to sing their shit sounds ???? The people demand Trei Degete’s Time Time performance #NMA2021 pic.twitter.com/mRbKJxEWFg

November 20, 2021


You bring Mcfly and Carlito back and you think Ed Sheeran is coming back to France? #NMA2021 #NMA pic.twitter.com/ebE1XO6WLV

November 20, 2021


Mcfly and Carlito, what are they going to do? Are they going to sing? #NMA2021 pic.twitter.com/k590S3XwoV

November 20, 2021

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squeezie should have performed instead of mcfly and carlito #NMA2021 pic.twitter.com/fvqsXTBJwf

November 20, 2021


not mcfly and carlito singing i’m going to pass out #nma2021 pic.twitter.com/tDgrgFmAmx

November 20, 2021


McFly and Carlito ?! SORRY ?! SCREW YOU #NMA2021 pic.twitter.com/8kOgcJv5Sz

November 20, 2021


So you’re telling me that Mcfly and Carlito are going to sing in front of Ed Sheeran? I am ashamed #NMA2021 pic.twitter.com/z8PHncb8B2

November 20, 2021


McFly and Carlito singing some serious bullshit?#NRJMusicAwards #NMA2021 pic.twitter.com/xemNQQwaoD

November 20, 2021


I, who was afraid that Mcfly and Carlito would come naked#NMA2021 #NMA #NRJMusicAwards pic.twitter.com/fqCWb9JGr6

November 20, 2021


The presentation of McFly and Carlito#NMA2021#NRJMusicAwards2021 pic.twitter.com/GemhyoKYz2

November 20, 2021

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