International solidarity! (Young World newspaper)

Manifestation for Cuba at the 24th International Rosa Luxemburg Conference on January 12, 2019 in Berlin

International solidarity takes place in the daily newspaper young world has played a central role since its inception. If there is a coup against Bolivia’s elected government, as in autumn 2019 against Evo Morales, then we call it the young world also like that and do not glorify it (like many other media outlets) as the »removal of an authoritarian government«. When in Venezuela the US and allied legal forces try to overthrow the legitimate government and install a puppet with Juan Guaidó, then they name it young world This attempted coup was also clearly by name.

Practical solidarity has always been a hallmark of jW, this is how this newspaper carried out great solidarity campaigns for Vietnam, Chile and Nicaragua decades ago. And when the federal government under Chancellor Gerhard Schröder and Foreign Minister Joseph Fischer decided in autumn 2003 to boycott the Havana Book Fair in 2004, although Germany had previously accepted the invitation as a guest of honor jW together with groups of the Cuba solidarity movement, the largest presence of German publishers in Havana to date. And since 2017 the has been printing and selling jW-Publisher the German-language edition of Granma International, the central organ of the Communist Party of Cuba. To name just a few examples.

All of this can only be achieved on a sound economic basis. That is financed young world mainly through subscriptions. It is therefore necessary to keep finding new readers who do not want to do without this newspaper. With your subscription you help to ensure that you and others will continue to be well informed and up-to-date about events in Cuba and Latin America. If you can’t decide between the printed and online versions of the jW decide, but want to use the advantages of both editions, choose the combination subscription. But every additional subscription that you can acquire from your circle of friends is a practical contribution to international solidarity!

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