Positive and negative comments for the selection of El Salvador were given in the main sports analysis programs in the region, this after the first defeat of Azul in the octagonal against Canada in Toronto (3-0).

In the Infinite Soccer program, for example, Jaime Macias and Eduardo Biscayart debated the key points in which El Salvador failed against the Canadians. The lack of concentration and the difference in categories were some of the conclusions.

In this start Canada surprised El Salvador in the first 11 minutes, and it was not emboldened, I think it was tactical, Canada starts with four and then passes with three Buchanan and Laryea begin to occupy a space at the end that I think is what which ends up occupying in the play of the first goal and the foul in which the second go is generatedl, “said journalist Jaime Macías.

“It cost him a lot to get into the game, it seems to me more than concentration, there was a stretch between the middle and final stretch of the first half where El Salvador played equally to Canada with those clean starts from behind was close to the draw with a A couple of shots that are close, deviated, but it is these concentration gaps that cause the result to be 3-0, “added the Ecuadorian.

Eduardo Biscayart’s perspective was different. According to the Argentine journalist, El Salvador was surpassed by Canada due to the difference in category and class.

“We knew that El Salvador was going to play a different game than the ones it was going to play in Cuscatlán in games that we know how El Salvador plays with the support of its people, on a playing field that we know is particular, with a climate which is very particular, a high grass, high humidity and that subdues the rival and playing every three days is something that conditions a lot, “said Eduardo Biscayart.

“Hugo Pérez had to make changes and in that action of making changes he had to risk a little and within those modifications there are people who took more advantage and there are people who needed a little more filming because this is a bit what has happened to El Salvador, because it has been a long time since it competed at that level. I think the party ends up opting for that difference in category and class, “he concluded.

For its part, ESPN also discussed the defeat of El Salvador in Toronto. There were different opinions, for example Paco Gabriel de Anda assured that both the Azul and other teams have not yet shown everything they have in the octagonal.

“I think El Salvador can give more and the other teams too, now in theory from what I see it could be the closest tie in the history of CONCACAF, due to the quality of its players, but you have to see it. playing three games in seven, nine days, it is difficult, we have seen it, they have fallen like tin soldiers, “he said.

José del Valle Sport Center was tougher with his analysis and in his opinion, El Salvador has no chance of qualifying for the world tournament.

“For me, El Salvador has zero chances of qualifying for the next World Cup, what we saw in the Gold Cup was the product of the emotional inflator, because a technician who had been working for a month and a half surprised us all, but now we will have to support him, it is mentioned that El Salvador is strong in Cuscatlán, well in this triple card they played twice and did not add a single victory, against the United States they deserved to lose and against Honduras it seems to me that the tie did reflect what happened on the court, “he concluded.


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