Interjet has already negotiated debt with its creditors

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To advance the process of restructuring of Interjet, this week the airline will present a first agreement with creditors to accelerate the acceptance of your commercial bankruptcy.

Carlos of the River Valley, a company spokesperson, explained that in the last months Interjet made a lot of progress in the negotiations, and they already have a pre-agreement with your creditors to present to the authorities, in order to accelerate the process of acceptance of the commercial bankruptcy.

For this first agreement, the company must have traded at least 51 percent of your debt, including write-offs (reduction of payments) and terms in which each of the companies to which it is owed.

The total debt of the firm amounts to 1,250 million dollars, but the amount is expected to drop for the steps taken.

Carlos of the River Valley commented that his biggest creditors are the lessors of planes, with whom he had a positive approach.

MILLENNIUM revealed that they are already eight investment funds willing to intervene in the company so that it can operate again.

The airline stopped flying at the end of December 2020 for lack of resources. On January 8 his workers exploded a strike over wages and benefits owed.

However, Carlos del Valle recalled that the expectation is that Interjet fly again in the last half of the year.


The recuperation, connected to EU: IP

The Cwithin of Economic Studies of the Private Sector assured that despite the recovery, “the environment is complex and it will continue to be so without government support ”. The advances are tied to the US push for support for its population.


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