Inter-Juve, Szczesny between green passes, cars, changing rooms and Allegri

The rules for the Pole, who cannot stay with his teammates without a super green pass. But inside the stadium the sporting protocol applies. The timing for the arrival of the certification and the unknown Udinese

Wojciech Szczesny is a “no Max”: excluded from Allegri due to vaccine issues. The Juventus coach yesterday at the press conference opened an unimaginable case: “Perin plays because Tek will arrive at the last moment, since we have to follow a well-defined protocol. Tek is the last one to be vaccinated but until the day after tomorrow he will not he has the green pass. So he will be on the bench. Perin is calm and serene, I’m happy with the games “. First question: Could Szczesny play? It could. He simply cannot travel with the team and sleep in hotels with his teammates. Let’s see what happened.

A decree law of 30 December 2021 introduced new rules for green pass and quarantine, valid from 10 January. The change also had an effect on grassroots and high-level sports. Let’s see the case of professional sportsmen, in the specific case of those who will play Inter-Juve. Players with at least one vaccination, performed for at least 15 days, will be regularly on the pitch. Szczesny is an exception because he only took his first dose between the end of 2021 and these first days of 2022. As a result, he can play with a negative buffer – and there is no problem here – but he cannot share coaches and hotels with the companions. This is why he slept in Turin last night and today he will arrive at the stadium with a car dedicated only to him. Likewise, after the match he will return to Turin alone. On the other hand, no problem with regards to the use of changing rooms and pitch, his workplaces. Tek can freely play and shower with his teammates for his qualification as a pro footballer, who practices his professional activity on the pitch. In short, he will be regularly available but Allegri, considering (also) the particularity of his day, has chosen to send him on the bench despite the excellent moment of form. Perin has done well so far. Three games, all at the Stadium, with a good balance: two victories with Fiorentina and Sampdoria, a faultless defeat against Sassuolo: a difficult save against Berardi and no blame for the two goals scored.

Udinese on Saturday

Szczesny will be able to return to group life with his companions fifteen days after the first vaccination. In the next few days, therefore, it will be understood what will happen for Juve-Udinese on Saturday, even if the Pole seems to be the favorite to go to goal. In fact, even if the fifteen days had not elapsed, he could take advantage of the calendar, which offers him a home game: in Turin, it is much less complicated to avoid retirement and show up at the stadium for the match. It remains to be understood, if so, what the Allegri protocol foresees: in the end, however, he decides.



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