But this footballer who today plows the armband destroying anyone who tries to fight him, is it Ivan Perisic? Really the same player, indolent and inconclusive who for years has not been able to build a shred of relationship with the San Siro public? The question is probably provocative, but we are facing one of the most beautiful transformations ever made in the Nerazzurri, if we think that two years ago, after trying him in retirement, Conte sent Perisic on loan to Bayern because he was convinced that the Croatian could not play since fifth left. Also because after some dialogue with “Ivan the terrible”, the coach realized that the player didn’t even want to try too hard.

THE START OF TRANSFORMATION – A harmful resistance, because for physical, aerobic and technical characteristics, Perisic seemed cut out for the role, to all those who have known him for years and have worked in Appiano Gentile. Thankfully, things began to take a different turn when the player returned from loan to Bayern, even a little disappointed, given that the Germans had promised him to keep him and then betray his trust by sending him back to Milan after the Triplete. Paradoxically, it could have been this disappointment that triggered the right spark in the player’s head. At that point Perisic spoke again with Conte, this time offering him full availability to play in that role. Availability that immediately materialized in the field with the facts, because Perisic immediately started playing with self-denial, although at the beginning he was very wrong, because he was looking for habits and measures to find. It took a few months of running in, then the Croatian blossomed, revealing unique and indispensable skills.

DISTANCES ON RENEWAL – Ivan Perisic is today one of the most important players available to Simone Inzaghi, but the Croatian has his contract expiring and it will not be easy to find an agreement. His salary is high (5 million euros) and in February he will turn 33. Between the parties there is a natural diversity of views: on the one hand there is the player, who rightly aims to sign the last major contract of his career, on the other hand, however, there is the club, ready to negotiate a possible renewal only if the player is willing to halve the salary. Option that Perisic does not even take into consideration at the moment. And this is why, despite the Croatian is having the best season since he has worn the Nerazzurri, his farewell seems increasingly probable. Meanwhile, he plays as a champion and leader, another thing he had never managed in the past.

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