Intelligence, forcefulness and speed, the keys to the great victory of Talleres over Belgrano

In a match with a lot of intensity, the albiazules felt more comfortable and imposed their rhythm on the light blues. Hugo a collective performance superior to the “T”.

Sunday, January 22, 2023 hs

Talleres’ 3-0 victory over Belgrano, with an unappealable win, was based on several points in which the team he leads Javier Gandolfi was higher than William Farre. Both collectively and individually, the albiazules performed better than the celestials.

While the “T” hit at the right moments, fast and well, the “B” looked tired and without surprises to react when it was down on the scoreboard. Therefore, the 3-0 of the matadors was more than deserved and justified in most of the process of a classic that was played again before a crowd.

The keys to Talleres’ victory

  • Intensity. The superclassic was almost always played at 220. And in Talleres they felt more comfortable at that speed. Belgrano, tired at the start and without surprise, had a harder time running with the ball. The goals always came from that moment of lucidity that the Matador showed in the match.
  • Force. Although Albiazul’s superiority was clear for 90 minutes, being able to express it in the result is a separate merit and it doesn’t always happen. But that’s how Talleres did it, who last night hit at the right moments and knew how to take advantage of his chances to celebrate in a great way in a new edition of the superclassic.
Belgrano and Talleres met at Kempes for a preseason friendly.  (Pedro Castillo and Facundo Luque)
Belgrano and Talleres met at Kempes for a preseason friendly. (Pedro Castillo and Facundo Luque)
  • No roads. With the result against, Belgrano lacked ideas. He looked for it from above and in Talleres they were waiting for them and they aborted each attempt one by one. The blue and whites marked the wings well and cut Bruno Zapelli, who never found space. Guillermo Farré tried, always with the same result.
  • Rodrigo Villagra, very tall. The central midfielder from Talleres was the owner of the classic. From his place he stole and fed, ran and assisted. He was everywhere and marked the speed with which the game had to be played. He was very well accompanied by Alan Franco and in great partnership with Rodrigo Garro, the figure.
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