In a since-deleted tweet, the IntelGraphics Twitter account announced this weekend that Intel’s Xe architecture for graphics cards and iGPUs would be announced within 20 days, on August 13.

Remember that for the moment, these products should not concern the market for graphics cards for gamers like the GeForce RTX from Nvidia or the Radeons from AMD. Intel has planned to launch into two other segments: graphics cards dedicated to intensive computing for servers and supercomputers on the one hand, and graphics chips integrated into its processors on the other.

A few weeks ago, Intel demonstrated the performance of this new integrated graphics part which will be at the heart of its future Tiger Lake processors with an iGPU Xe. You could see a laptop capable of running recent games like Battlefield V decently at around 30 fps (graphics on High in 1080p).

Even though the official Intel graphics division account deleted the tweet, the August 13 date is unlikely to change. In fact, a few days later – August 17 – the firm has already confirmed its presence at the Hot Chips specialized conference. David Blythe, director of graphics architectures at Intel, will present Xe in detail. We will therefore probably have an announcement of products based on this architecture before obtaining more technical details a few days later.