Intel announces world’s most powerful laptop processors


Pictured: CPU name, number of cores/threads, base clock, max clock, cache, GPU config, TDP, max turbo power. Photo: wccftech screenshot

Intel has introduced the most productive mobile processors in its history. The Alder Lake-HX line is not much inferior to chips in desktop PCs, but still has a number of differences.

The main difference between Alder Lake-HX and Alder Lake-H (previous version) is the higher TDP of up to 55W (heat dissipation requirements). Only four of the seven models have 16 cores. The truth is that the two older models of the Core i9 and Core i7 architectures are almost the same CPU.

The only difference is that Core i9-12950HX and Core i7-12850HX have vPro function, Core i9-12900HX and Core i7-12800HX have overclocking capability. “Boost” is available for all processors of the company, except those equipped with the vPro function.

Memory overclocking on 12th generation Intel Alder Lake-HX processors:

  • Overclocking DDR5, in addition to DDR4;
  • Support for Intel XMP 3.0 for DDR5;
  • New Intel Dynamic Memory Boost feature.

Core Overclocking on 12th Generation Intel Alder Lake-HX Processors:

  • New overclocking Efficient-Core;
  • Updated Intel speed optimizer;
  • Enhanced Intel Extreme Tuning Utility.

Against the background of all the models presented, the younger Core i5-12450HX stands out noticeably, which has only eight cores, and the built-in iGPU (graphics processing unit) is halved. Such a chip loses in many respects to the existing Alder Lake models with a high core speed and TDP function.

The Intel charts show that the new products are faster than the AMD Ryzen 6000 processor, writes wccftech. Also, the company is silent about the difference in energy consumption. As a result, Alder Lake-HX is a very voracious CPU line, but with very high performance.

The graphs compare the performance of processors in different modes (single thread, multithreaded) and programs. Photo: Intel

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