Intel Alder Lake: Specifications for 12th Gen processors exposed

The i9-12900K, Core i7-12700K and Core i5-12600K can do that 2 Min. read

There’s news about the upcoming Alder Lake processors from Intel. Because of a leak, the data from a Core i9, a Core i7 and a Core i5 of the K series emerged, which also show how the Intel hybrid technology is structured.

The specifications are supposedly based on qualification patterns that are loud VideoCardz should have been distributed to Intel partners in the last few weeks. However, it can be assumed that these are the final specifications as Intel does not tend to change them before they go into mass production. A user post in the Zhihu forum reveals the specifications of the three core processors i9-12900K, Core i7-12700K und Core i5-12600K.

The leak provides information about the clock rates of P-Core and E-Core. Intel markets this as a Hybrid-Technologiethat will be used in the 12th Gen Core series. The P-Core stands for High-Performance-Core (also called Big Core), E-Core, on the other hand, for High-Efficiency-Core (Small Core). From other leaks it emerged that the Big Core on the “Golden Cove“-Mikroarchitektur based, while the small core supposedly „Gracemont“ used, reports VideoCardz.

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Intel Alder Lake: data from the K processors

With the flagship processor Core i9-12900K should 8 Big Cores und 8 Small Cores are used. The small kernels should be up to 3,9 GHz (3,7 GHz All-Core) can clock, the large cores even up to 5,3 GHz (5,0 GHz All-Core). There is also up to 30 MB L3 cache. The i7-12700K has 8 Big und 4 Small Cores, the latter being clocked 100 MHz lower, the former around 300 MHz. The L3 cache should only be 25 MB in size. Finally, there’s the only i5 processor from this leak, the i5-12600K, the one with 8 Big (4,9 GHz) und 4 Small Cores (3,6 GHz) Is provided. All three K processors use Power Level 1 with 125 watts and Power Level 2 with 228 watts.

Intel Alder Lake is coming in late 2021

The Intel Alder Lake-S series is said to be based on the new 10nm Enhanced SuperFin technology. The series has up to 16 cores and thus doubles the number of cores compared to the Rocket Lake-S series. Incidentally, the 12th generation should also be the first processors that DDR5 memory as well as the PCIe-Gen5-Standard support. It will be with a start of the series for end of the year expected.

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