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By: Claudia Arellano

This year, the Specialized Center for Integrative Medicine (CEMI) of the SEDESA, has provided 16 thousand 487 medical cares, 14 thousand 743 are phytotherapy, acupuncture and homeopathy consultations; and 1,744 attentions in the area of ​​massage therapy,” Oliva López Arellano

With the aim of guaranteeing the right to health free of charge to the inhabitants of the “Innovative City of Rights” in all its dimensions, the Ministry of Health, Oliva Lopez Arellanohighlighted the contribution of traditional medicine and the work of professional doctors in offering treatment alternatives to patients.

“I am convinced that Integrative Medicine has allowed us to strengthen the city’s Health System, taking the best of traditional medicine, herbalism, acupuncture, homeopathy and physiotherapy, to expand our services and make care more accessible to all. and everyone; so following the instruction of the Head of Government, Dr. Claudia Sheinbaum Pardowe are close to the people and in direct action to bring the population therapeutic options that correspond to their vision of the world and the way of understanding the disease”, he pointed out.

When inaugurating the 1st Tláhuac Integrative Medicine Fair 2022, On the esplanade of said Mayor’s Office, where physiotherapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, homeopathy, antiviral chalk and cornfield diet services were provided, for the benefit of a thousand people, he stated that SEDESA recognizes the enormous potential of traditional medicine together with conventional, especially in improving the quality of life of the population.

“Our responsibility is to guarantee the right of patients to receive free alternatives to improve their health,” he reiterated.

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He recalled that in October 2011 he began the SEDESA Integrative Medicine Programto expand the range of services available to residents of the capital, and almost 11 years later, it has established itself as a complementary part of the rest of the health actions offered by the unit, and a safe alternative for patients.

“This year, the Specialized Center for Integrative Medicine (CEMI) de la SEDESA, has provided 16 thousand 487 medical attentions; 14 thousand 743 are consultations of herbal medicine, acupuncture and homeopathyand 1,744 attentions in the massage therapy area”, he highlighted.

He noted that today therapeutic options are offered in medical units with which patients with diabetes, asthma, migraine, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure and obesity integrate simple and reliable integrative medicine therapies into their treatment to prevent and combat their diseases under strict control. , scientific support and by trained health personnel, to recognize the right to freely choose the treatment that best suits the conditions and particular situation of the patient.

Thanks to Berenice Hernández Calderón, Mayor of Tláhuac, and Sonia Mateos Solares, General Director of Social Development and Welfare of the demarcation, for their support in holding the Fair, as well as the collaborative work between doctors Jorge Alfredo Ochoa Moreno, General Director of the Public Health Services of Mexico City of SEDESA and Adalberto Orozco Navarro, State Coordinator of the Integrative Medicine Program; and Dr. Alied Bencomo Alerm, Director of the Tláhuac Sanitary Jurisdiction, among others.

On his chance, the General Director of Social Development and Welfare of the demarcation, Sonia Mateos Solareson behalf of Mayor Berenice Hernández Calderón, indicated that according to the World Health Organization, keeping the body detoxified and having a healthy and strong immune system is the most effective way to avoid illness.

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“The use of physiotherapy, homeopathy, and acupuncture It has registered a considerable increase in patients, and they have attended nutritional, medical and psychological support consultations in the Health Days, so that since February 100 people have benefited, “he said.

The Jurisdictional Directors attended the inauguration Sanitariums of the Mayors of Xochimilco, Tlalpan, Milpa Alta and Iztapalapa: Drs. Mirna Vara Aguirre and Yerania Emiree Enriquez Lopez; Drs. Ricardo Fascinetto Constantini and Francisco Serna Alvarado, respectively.



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