Instagram plans to completely change the way you see the stories

Instagram Stories could change to look like TikTok: vertically scrolling stories are already reaching some users.

The Instagram “stories” are about to change completely to become more like the publications of TikTok. Apparently, Meta’s image and video social network is testing a new way to view stories, using a vertical scroll format.

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In this way, Instagram would abandon the format of horizontal carousel that he has been using since the section of Stories was first introduced, to make way for a much more TikTok-like format. In the past, Instagram has already used this same format in the section of reels, the particular copy of TikTok present on Instagram.

The icon of Instagram, the most used social network of images and videos in the world.

Stories with vertical scroll: the last big change of Instagram

Matt Navarra, consultant and analyst of the social network industry, has shared on Twitter the images that show How would this new format work? stories de Instagram con scroll vertical. Although the feature is in the testing phase with a very limited number of users, you can see how its development seems to be quite advanced.

At the beginning of last year, Instagram itself already confirmed that it was testing this function, although at the time no dates were given for its possible arrival. This is the first time this feature can be seen in operation.

The arrival of the stories with vertical scroll could be the reason why Instagram changed the way you add links to Stories, removing the “swipe up” feature and replacing it with a sticker. Incidentally, the company decided to democratize the option to add links, eliminating the requirement of having more than 10,000 followers.

For now, it is unclear if this feature will eventually roll out globally among all users of the social network, but it is clear that Instagram plans to introduce big changes in its Stories. After all, it is the only option you have left if you do not want to continue losing ground to TikTok.

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