In the audits carried out throughout Turkey, nonconformities were detected in the inventory records of 17 pharmaceutical warehouses and 144 pharmacies. After the detection, administrative sanctions were applied to the workplaces.

The Ministry of Health took action on the allegations that some drugs could not be accessed due to the increase in the exchange rate.

In this context, a comprehensive audit was carried out throughout Turkey.


In the inspections carried out by the Ministry of Health, Turkey Medicines and Medical Devices Agency (TİTCK) and Provincial Health Directorates, a total of 24 pharmacy warehouses in Istanbul, 3 in İzmir, 19 in Ankara, 7 in Adana, and 4 in Antalya, in November. 57 pharmaceutical warehouses were examined.

Drug control in pharmacy warehouses and pharmacies in Istanbul ARCHIVE VIDEO


It was revealed that there was an inconsistency between the physical stock status of the drugs and the Drug Tracking System (ITS) records for 17 pharmaceutical warehouses.

On the other hand, inspections in pharmacies across Turkey are also carried out by Provincial Health Directorates under the coordination of TITCK. Provincial Health Directorates have detected non-compliance in 144 pharmacies as a result of their inspections throughout Turkey.


Audits are carried out by a team of approximately 200 people. Applications received through Sabim and CIMER are also evaluated and finalized instantly.

It is checked whether critical drugs are available in pharmacies and whether the physical stock status is compatible with the Drug Tracking System (ITS). In addition, whether the necessary records and notifications are made in a timely and complete manner and the storage conditions of the products are also examined. Administrative action is initiated against pharmaceutical warehouses and pharmacies, where non-compliance is detected during the inspections.

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Inspection from the Ministry of Health to 57 pharmaceutical warehouses #2

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