INPS payments coming soon: RdC, ANF and bonuses, here are what!

Bonuses, subsidies and forms of help that are coming in July: let’s see them together!

There are always i emergency bonus, or those approved by the government to help families cope with the complicated period of restrictions due to the pandemic. These are months and months in which many subjects have not been able to work as they always have, while those who were unemployed or who have become unemployed in the meantime have had enormous difficulty in finding another job.

Measures which, therefore, they should also be quite timely given their nature. However, several of the emergency measures were definitely a flop from a bureaucratic and timing point of view, often leading to great delays that certainly did not do the Italian families any good.

On the other hand, in fact, the bonuses approved in recent months are really numerous and this must be acknowledged to the Government led by Mario Draghi and also to his predecessor, who has proposed and in some cases even prepared many of the measures that we now see active. So many measures that also require a whole series of post-approval steps, which, however, have been slowed down by the large amount of work. An inevitable consequence, as mentioned above, is a great many delays.

Among the most accurate and tested measures there is certainly the Citizenship Income, which has not changed its skin in recent months but has only become more necessary: ​​in fact, many families receive it and several of these have requested it in the last 15 months. The Citizenship Income was actually designed for this, that is to help families in difficulty, but at the same time it also has the important objectives of allow earners to re-enter the world of work, without too many problems.

In fact it is difficult to say that this happened, which is why the Citizenship Income is located periodically at the center of political debates (and not only) on its actual usefulness and ability to help people find work. Indeed, on the contrary, according to many it would be the reason why many do not even want to re-enter the world of work, as the RdC is fundamentally more “comfortable”, from every point of view.

Net of political and social opinions, whose place of study is certainly not this, it is good to remember that the Citizenship Income is a measure that strongly divides the population and also the political forces and that one day, once the pandemic, the government led by the former Governor of the European Central Bank could also take drastic decisions. Indeed, the Premier has never seemed particularly enthusiastic about this measure, even if he has never publicly exposed himself about it.

If you are interested or interested in learning more about these issues, we suggest the YouTube channel “Redazione The Wam”. It offers daily in-depth content on bonuses, subsidies and work and also answers questions through weekly videos in which it interacts with its members. Precisely in this video we talk about the measures coming in the near future and many answers are given to users:

INPS payments: immediately the Irpef Bonus

Let’s start with the closest payments in terms of time, that is those of 19 July. On this very day, in fact, important payments should arrive from the Italian Social Security Institute, relating to the Irpef bonus and municipal family allowances.

Let’s start with the Irpef bonus for Naspi earners. The Naspi is a measure of aid to the unemployed and it has a rather simple logic: to support the unemployed in the first months through a subsidy that gradually decreases over time. The aid is therefore mainly on the first months in which one remains unemployed, relying on the simple logic that over time the subject can (and must) re-enter the working world.

This bonus will arrive right on July 19th, but not for everyone. It is in fact one of those measures that they do not arrive for all taxpayers at the same time, indeed it is expected that it will arrive in a slightly “staggered” form. To find out when to expect the bonus, you can simply check your pension file and see if there is already a defined payment date.

We remind you that the earners of Naspi (and also of Dis-Coll) will no longer be able to access the emergency income in a minimum form, ie for an amount of 400 euros, provided for by the Sostegni Bis Decree. The first Sostegni Decree in fact allowed the recipients of Naspi and Dis-Coll between July 2020 and February 2021 to receive the measure in a minimal form, which instead it will not be foreseen with the new four monthly payments.

INPS payments: the municipal ANF also arrives

The allowance for the municipal family unit is also known as the “third child bonus”, as it is intended for particularly large families. It too is coming soon, always on the date of 19 July, with a minimum of tolerance with respect to the following days.

This is an important measure which is however recognized by the municipalities, so there may be some difference from municipality to municipality, but it is always the INPS to make the payments. We remind you that the bonus refers to the calendar year (and must be requested by January 31st following the reference year) and is paid in two moments, therefore every six months.

The amount is equal to a maximum of 128.89 euros for each month, for a maximum of thirteen months. To request it, it is necessary to comply with certain requirements, including an Isee below a certain ceiling. For more precise and in-depth information, we suggest you visit the dedicated page on the INPS website and your social security file directly.

INPS payments: the 1600 euro bonus also arrives

Another measure ready to arrive is the bonus 1600 euro. INPS has made it known that payments will be made on Tuesday 20 July, a day on which many potential seasonal workers allowance earners will finally receive the money.

This is a bonus, as you probably already know, much discussed for several reasons. Starting from the amount, as the Sostegni Bis Decree provided for “only” 1600 euros, against the 2400 euros provided for by the first Sostegni Decree. In addition to the question of the amount, however, there were also many others, such as the aforementioned failure to extend the Naspi-Rem, which certainly left many people baffled.

Recall that the bonus for seasonal workers it is automatic for those who have already received the 2400 euros provided for by the previous Decree, while it is necessary to apply for all the other subjects. The allowance will be paid in a single payment, unlike the previous round in which the 2400 euros were divided into 3 months.

Among other things, there are still subjects who are waiting for the 2400 euro bonus, in part or in whole. This means that they could receive what they lack plus the new 1600 euros, up to a maximum of 4,000 euros (in case the two measures are entirely missing). Obviously we will provide further updates on this right on the payment days, in order to have certain information on payments already made.

We remind you that the bonus is intended for the following subjects:

  • seasonal workers and temporary workers in the tourism and spa sectors;
  • seasonal employees belonging to sectors other than tourism and thermal establishments;
    intermittent workers;
  • occasional self-employed workers;
  • workers in charge of home sales;
  • temporary workers in the tourism and spa sectors;
  • entertainment workers.

INPS payments: the usual Citizenship Income?

Those who were at the first disbursement of the Citizenship Income (or at the first new disbursement after the renewal request) has already received the amount due on the 15th of the month. Those who wait for the ordinary payment can expect to receive it, as every month, on 27. In short, everything is usual with regards to an already well-known and well-known measure.

In reality, however, there may be a novelty: the bridging measure of the single check is in fact operational from 1 July and whoever receives Citizenship Income, in theory, will receive it together with the RdC itself, that is, on the 27th of the month. This does not necessarily happen, because the measure that is just born may not be ready yet, but it could potentially happen. For those who received it on July 15, this did not happen, as there were no technical times to be able to deliver them together, who knows if it will succeed for those who await it on the 27.

Bonuses and Updates: The wedding bonus disappears

We had talked in recent days, even with some enthusiasm, about a baby bonus entered into the Sostegni Bis Decree as an amendment, as it is not foreseen in the original text. It was the so-called “Good married”, a bonus intended both for young couples to help them bear the costs of the marriage itself, and for companies that work in this area.

Definitely a sensible bonus, as it is designed to help those companies that have been severely hit by the restrictions in the pandemic, since blew virtually all scheduled weddings. Apparently, however, the marriage bonus as it appeared has also disappeared. We will see if there will be further news, but as of now the amendment with which it was inserted no longer appears.

Recall that it would have been a deduction of 25% on a maximum of 25,000 euros, therefore up to 6,250 euros. An important figure for young couples who at this point will not be able to use it, while new aid is being examined for companies that work precisely with this kind of events.

We will therefore see what steps the Draghi Government will take, especially given the recent declarations that alluded to a series of more urgent measures, which it was believed that the marriage bonus was part of. Instead, it will be about other measures, obviously, that we will only be able to discover over time and that we will be ready to tell you about here on the portal as soon as official information is available.

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