Innovations from the March update for Google Pixel known early

Innovations from the March update for Google Pixel known early

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It’s weird this time, because the Google Pixel March update should have been here by now, but Google is taking an unusually long time with it. Maybe it will come on Tuesday, but maybe even later. Google probably has a list of changes for that premature sent out

But there is really bad news for us, because there are hardly any innovations that we don’t already know and also some of them don’t affect us German users again. Below is the list known to us so far.

  • Fall detection for Pixel Watch (not in DE)
  • Direct My Call for Pixel 4a and 5a (not in DE)
  • Fast camera night vision for Pixel 6 devices
  • Health Connect now included “ex works”.
  • Magic Eraser for everyone with Google One

With the March update, however, Google will also optimize and improve the pixel devices and also bring a few bug fixes. So far, there is no information that could be exciting for us.

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