Injuries too severe – ten months after a horrific accident, career ends

Injuries too severe – ten months after a horrific accident, career ends

Full of thirst for action, he was in conversation with the “Krone” when he dared a first trip with his sister Chiara last September and thus celebrated another major milestone on the way back to life. Only six months later, Marco Friedrich has to make a drastic decision. “It’s no longer possible, the injuries are still too serious. All the nerve damage has not healed as hoped,” says Friedrich.

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Almost a year after his horrific accident in which he smashed through a car windshield head first and almost died after losing a lot of blood, he actually wanted to celebrate his comeback on Sunday at the Bundesliga opener in Leonding. Instead, the catfish pro has to end his career at just 25 years old.

“can’t breathe”
“I’m not competitive anymore, my vocal cord is so paralyzed that it covers the trachea. As a result, I can’t breathe,” Friedrich sees no chance of competitive sports, despite intensive rehabilitation. The decision was made two weeks ago after returning from the training camp. Understandably, this decision was not easy for him. “I’m still struggling with it, I haven’t done anything else for the last fifteen years apart from graduating from school. But the path goes on, it can only get better,” said the Styrian, whose contract with Wels was mutually terminated.

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