Infrastructure: Launch of 2 hydraulic and road projects in Zagora by Minister Baraka

In the dynamics of strengthening the infrastructure of the province of Zagora, the Minister of Equipment and Water, Nizar Baraka, launched 2 projects, one hydraulic and the other road, on January 22, 2022. was on the occasion of his visit to the Agdez dam.

The Minister of Equipment and Water, Nizar Baraka, kicked off 2 projects in Zagora, during a visit to the dam in the said area. This is a hydraulic project and another road. Requiring an investment of 5.2 million dirhams (MDH), the hydraulic project consists of the construction of an artificial groundwater recharge threshold on Oued Taghbalt over a distance of 201 m. As objectives, this initiative will increase the storage of groundwater and the artificial recharge rate of the Taghbalt groundwater table. Thus enabling the region to adapt to climate change and cope with the effects of drought. The Minister took advantage of his visit to inquire about the artificial groundwater recharge program in the Maider basin. He also visited a wastewater treatment plant in the circle of Agdez. It is a new generation station, equipped with a pumping channel and other modern equipment. In addition, it will contribute to preserving the natural environment because of its support for cutting-edge technologies and means in this sector.

Modernization of the road network

During Minister Baraka’s visit, the N9 national road development project, linking Marrakech to Zagora via Ouarzazate, was also on the agenda. With a budget of 2,494 MDH, the project includes 42 works of art and is spread over a distance of 319 km. It will modernize the road network, improve the level of services offered to users, traffic flow and road safety indicators, as well as protect the road from flooding and promote the economic and tourist attractiveness of the region. . Nizar Baraka also immersed himself in the work of the 2th part of the project to widen and strengthen the national road N9 at the level of the section linking Ait Saoun to Agdez. The cost of the project amounts to 74.5 MDH. In terms of objectives, it will be a question of improving security conditions and the level of service, reducing transit time, ensuring traffic fluidity, as well as improving the state of road link between the 2 tourist destinations in the region.

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Regarding the Agdez dam, the visit of which was the main reason for the minister’s presence, it is devoted to ensuring the supply of the province of Zagora with drinking and irrigation water. With an estimated storage capacity of 317 million m3, it will also protect the region against flooding and generate electricity. It should be noted that the governor of Zagora, Fouad Hajji, was alongside Minister Baraka during his visit.



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