Influenza vaccination apparently prevents severe Covid-19 courses

Even if the corona vaccination is currently on everyone’s lips: The spades against flu can also affect a Covid 19 disease. He could avert serious illnesses.

The Standing Vaccination Commission recommends the flu vaccination every year to people over 60 years of age, the chronically ill or, for example, health and nursing staff. These groups of people were also identified at the start of the vaccination campaign against the Coronavirus prioritized.

70 million data analyzed

Now it shows: The antiInfluenza-Piks could also have an impact on the course of the disease after a corona infection. Researchers at the University of Miami analyzed the anonymized health data of over 70 million patients and filtered out 37,000 people from the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Israel, Italy and Singapore. Everyone was on Covid-19 ill.

The filters were based on characteristics such as similar age, similar social status, gender and previous illnesses. In the case of previous illnesses, it is known that, for example Diabetes, Obesity or the lung disease COPD influence the severity of the course of the disease and these patients have a higher risk of hospitalization (admission to hospital).

Risk of emergency admission reduced by 58 percent

A distinction was made into two groups: One had received a flu vaccination at least two weeks to six months before the diagnosis of corona infection. The other one doesn’t.

The results were clear: Those who had been vaccinated against the flu had a lower risk of serious disease progression in the first 120 days after the corona infection. The risk of being taken to the emergency room was 58 percent lower than that of the unvaccinated. The likelihood of ending up in the intensive care unit was reduced by 20 percent.

And other complications of Covid 19 disease were also significantly more common in unvaccinated people. The risk of heart attacks and strokes related to corona also decreased by 58 percent among those vaccinated, that for one Blood poisoning by 45 percent. The risk of deep vein thrombosis was 45 percent higher in unvaccinated people.

Other studies with similar results

The connection between a Flu shot and an effect on the course of Covid-19 disease has already been proven in other studies. An analysis by the University of Michigan in February came to the conclusion that a flu vaccination can also protect against corona infection.

Here, data from more than 27,000 patients were filtered again. They had been tested for the corona virus between March and July 2020. 13,000 of them had influenza in the previous yearvaccination receive. 14,000 were unvaccinated. In the vaccinated group, four percent were infected with the coronavirus, in the unvaccinated group it was five percent.

Similar results were also obtained Dutch researchers and scientists from Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf. The Michigan study also demonstrated a positive effect of the flu vaccination on the severity of the Covid disease course.

The exact connection has not yet been explored. The British newspaper “The Guardian” quotes infection researcher Peter Openshaw as saying: “One explanation for this could be that the flu vaccination stimulates the immune system as a whole and can bring about these positive effects.”

Hope for the poor countries?

And there is another aspect that the findings could be important. The flu protection could hardly be in countries in which so far Corona vaccine has arrived, help reduce the severity of the disease.

“Only a small fraction of the world has been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 so far,” explains Dr. Devinder Singh, lead author of the Miami study. His team was able to observe a connection between the flu vaccine and lower morbidity in Covid 19 patients.

“This finding is particularly significant because the pandemic is a drain on resources in many parts of the world. Therefore, our research – if validated by prospective randomized clinical trials – has the potential to reduce the global burden of disease.”

No substitute for corona vaccination

However, his colleague Susan Taghioff adds: “Even so, the flu vaccine is not a substitute for the Covid-19 vaccine and we are committed to ensuring that everyone receives their Covid-19 vaccine when possible.”

Important NOTE: The information is in no way a substitute for professional advice or treatment by trained and recognized doctors. The contents of t-online cannot and must not be used to independently make diagnoses or start treatments.


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