Influencer touched a suitcase at the airport and felt the real terror!: “Lesson learned”

Influencer touched a suitcase at the airport and felt the real terror!: “Lesson learned”


Marta Travels is the name of the tiktoker who recounted her chilling experience at an airport.

Marta Travels recounted the experience she lived in an airport..Credits: TikTok

Marta Travels (@imartatravels)a Spanish travel influencer, told in TikTok what happened to him at an airport before boarding a plane. Visibly nervous, the young woman told that when she was at the security control, she came across an unknown suitcase and she almost did not arrive at her destination.

His video begins by saying: “Never do this in an airport.” Next, she explained that she just learned a lesson that she shared with everyone so that they also take it into account and do not go through a situation similar to what she went through.

Marta Travels was very afraid when she reported the unknown suitcase. | Credit: Instagram.

The influencer He recounted what he told the security agents about the suitcase that had apparently been left on the ground. To check whose it was, he lifted her up. Later, a policeman asked him who had touched the luggage. Marta got scared when some of those present began to point at her.

After this, the owner of the suitcase appeared after having passed the security controls. It is so the tiktoker shares the advice given to him by security officers: “Never touch anything that is not yours and, above all, before passing control, because you never know what it may take.”

“In case you touch it, even if it’s not yours, it depends on what it’s wearing…they can even blame you.” he added, emphasizing the importance of following the indications given by the authorities.

In the testimony that accompanies the video, the popular Marta Travels once again emphasized those instructions given to her by the security agents and she hopes that this helps or, in any case, alerts thousands of passengers who are always between airports.

You should not touch or handle other people’s suitcases, especially before going through security control at an airport. By touching other people’s suitcases, you run the risk of coming into contact with potentially dangerous or prohibited objects. This could endanger your safety and that of other passengers if the contents of the suitcase are harmful. Lesson learned.

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