Inflation, no fuel discounts, lower food prices… Bruno Le Maire's announcements

Inflation, no fuel discounts, lower food prices… Bruno Le Maire's announcements

Guest on the set ofBFM TV, this Sunday, September 3, the Minister of the Economy made several announcements related to inflation. Here’s what to remember.

For more than 30 minutes, Bruno Le Maire multiplied announcements and clear-cut positions. Between inflation, fuel prices, agriculture, many subjects were discussed on the antenna ofBFM TV.

Lower food prices next week

“We have lost 5 inflation points in one year,” assured the Minister of the Economy. “We kept our word on slowing food inflation.” “The French are lucid and are starting to see products drop,” he assures us, speaking in particular of oil, pasta or even poultry.

According to the Minister of the Economy, the prices displayed on the receipts should be lower from next week. He believes that “the fall in prices and the freezing of prices must be immediately”. “I don’t want the French to have to choose to restrict themselves to consumption between food products and hygiene products, he says. I don’t want them to tighten their belts and be forced to change their lifestyle. sign to find lower prices.”

A close and complicated link between the government, manufacturers and distributors

In order to “definitively stop the inflationary spiral”, the minister is also pleased to have obtained the blocking of the price of 5,000 food products from large retail chains and manufacturers.

Bruno Le Maire was then delighted to have anticipated the negotiations between manufacturers and supermarkets, which generally take place at the end of the year.

The former MP said he would continue to pursue his “name & shame” policy as long as manufacturers did not play the game to lower their prices. “We are controlling and there will be sanctions if the commitments are not respected,” he said on BFM TV.

In the minister’s plans, a bill scheduled for October with the aim of advancing trade negotiations “which were to end last March”. “The legal obligation is necessary in this arm wrestling where everyone throws the ball, we must whistle the end of recess,” he insisted.

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No rebate at the pump

“Xavier Bertrand’s proposal (to make a new rebate of 15 to 20 cents on a liter of fuel, editor’s note) costs 12 billion euros and is not consistent with our budgetary objectives and the release of whatever costs”, justified Bruno Le Maire. “The state is blamed for raising taxes, you shouldn’t raise them yourself.”

The minister then denounced the regional policy of his former Republican comrade. “Xavier Bertrand can start by reducing the level of the regional tax on the TICPE (domestic consumption tax on energy products, editor’s note). The tax is voted on at the national level and then the regions have the choice of increasing it. Xavier Bertrand has made the choice to go to the maximum of the increase”, added the Minister of the Economy.

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