Inflation !!! Big problem of small people

Inflation !!! Big problem of small people

Caretaker Prime Minister Anwarul Haq Kakar has said that inflation is inevitable, but it is not such a big problem that a wheel jam strike is called for. He said that the electricity bill will have to be paid and he will fulfill the agreements that have been made. When the caretaker prime minister was talking about this, another thunderbolt was being dropped on the people by increasing the prices of diesel and petrol. The price of petrol was increased by 15 rupees, while the price of diesel was increased by 18 rupees and 44 paisa. After that, the price of petrol decreased to 305 rupees 36 paisa and the price of diesel remained at 314 rupees 84 paisa per liter. They were giving that the government made the country mourning by increasing the prices of petrol. It seems that the solution to the country’s economic problem has been made to increase inflation. In this way, the entire burden of inflation is transferred to the shoulders of the common man of Pakistan. There is no role in bringing it to the present. This is how the common man of Pakistan is being victimized by the crime of innocence. What kind of government and what kind of planners are they who have no solution to the country’s economic problem except inflation. There is an alternative solution to the economic problems, but Pakistan is not being allowed to go towards this solution. That solution is a sorcery where the one who steps on it becomes a stone. Imran Khan is the latest example of this. Due to this step, a body of Attock jail is lying in a dark cell. The economic ruin can be solved by shaking the control of the IMF and America in the country in a polite way. Imran Khan has improved the relations with Iran. By making things right with Afghanistan and
They tried to follow the alternative paths of the IMF by signing oil and uranium agreements with Russia and this was the solution to get out of the current quagmire. The economy is not likely to recover because the IMF is being used to fulfill a political agenda. The purpose of the IMF is not to restore and fix the economy of Pakistan, but to twist the wrist of Pakistan. The wrist is twisting and the screams of Pakistanis are going to the seventh heaven. When Pakistan was starting to get out of the US orbit and blind obedience, the Western media was telling that the West has a way to pull the rope of Pakistan. And that is strictness on it through IMF. Pakistan will not be able to afford this shock. Especially after the evacuation of Bagram airbase, the western media had an alternative solution to damage Pakistan’s economy to such an extent. That he should come to his knees. Today, this strategy has been successful. Now people are asking that Imran Khan was removed by PDM because of inflation, but it has been two years, what happened to inflation? It is going up. Who noticed Ishaq Dar’s messiahship? Why did he become ineffective? Why did the towers of experimentation and claims of fulfillment fall to the ground? Earlier, Ishaq Dar was being presented as the indispensable Prime Minister in the same way. Ishaq Dar was the target of Nawaz Sharif’s economic policy. If he had shown his magic, perhaps Imran Khan’s popularity could have been controlled, but Mian Nawaz Sharif’s economic policy. These Madarul Mahams failed despite their good wishes. Now, what is the biggest economic missile in their stockpile than Ishaq Dar that they would like to test? It means that Imran Khan had rightly warned that even if he is removed, the economy will not recover. It will be found and this is what is happening today. It is right for such a watchful prime minister to say that inflation is not such a big problem that there should be a wheel jam strike. There are two classes in Pakistan at the moment. It seems that the fathers of the nation built this country for the benefit and luxury of this class and the other class is the common man who has no happy situation. It doesn’t matter if the value increases for the privileged and upper class. Even if the dollar is 1000 rupees, it is a benefit because the wealth of the privileged class is in the western banks and the value of their properties is due to the depreciation of the rupee. Therefore, inflation does not really matter to a class, nor is it a big problem for them. This class is undoubtedly right in saying that inflation is not such a big problem that it should be jammed. Big people. Inflation is a small problem for them, but the real problem is for small people, for whom inflation is a big problem. Inflation is the biggest problem for daily wage workers, private salary earners and white-clothed class. Thus, between the two classes of Pakistan. There has been a deep contradiction of thinking and not only of the situation. Inflation is not a problem for the privileged class, but for the downtrodden class, inflation is a problem of life and death, and day by day people are not only committing suicide because of inflation, but also their own lives. They also get peace by hitting children with them. As if inflation is not such a big problem that wheel jam strikes should be done for it. If inflation is really not such a big problem, then why are people being forced by it and surrendering their lives to it? Well, for those who keep their wealth in pounds, this is not a problem, but for the majority of the country, it is a problem, and it is such a big problem that they are forced by it and consider their lives meaningless. This contradiction country. It is not good for the social fabric and conditions of the nation. This is the journey of the nation towards a new class division and that is the rich and the poor, those who have wealth in dollars and those who have rupees in their pockets, those who have wealth in the lockers of the world’s banks. And the one who keeps everything including money in this country. Until that time, the first problem for the state is something else and the state has been engaged in managing the same problem for one and a half years. In this effort, the first problem i.e. the waste of the economy is coming out. Thus, the country is not getting political stability. There is no improvement in the economic conditions. On top of that, the jinn of terrorism is getting out of control.

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