Infallible encryption exists

When talking about encryption the question of “breaking” it usually comes up. Did you know that there is one (and only one) infallible system: the Vernam cipher. It is nothing new since it has existed for years and was used in particular for the famous red telephone between Russia and the United States.

Like everyone else, you’ve always wondered how to safely launch a nuclear missile or insult the leader opposite without the Russians, Chinese or Americans disrupting your communications by changing targets without your knowledge. your own free will or modifying the tenor of the insult.

More seriously, you probably wondered if there was an infallible and tamper-proof means of encryption allowing the transmission of a message in a truly confidential way? The answer is yes: the disposable mask is the best solution, and it is even the only one. We are not talking about covid here but about Vernam’s figure.

Faced with the promised revolution of quantum machines…

Despite serious implementation drawbacks, this solution has been used for many years for the most confidential exchanges because, contrary to the assertions of my marketing friends (whom I obviously adore), it is indeed the Only solution whose safety can be guaranteed.

Indeed, it has been mathematically proven that asymmetric encryption based on prime integers would be broken by quantum machines (if they are ever able to implement Schor’s algorithm and quickly factor large integers).

Symmetric encryption based on secret key seems for the moment more resistant to small atoms (though) but it remains theoretically attackable by brute-force and even a little more easily with a few methods improvement of which cryptanalysts have the secret.

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… le Vernam’s figure remains unassailable

It is therefore conceptually attackable, even if practically we will probably never have the computing power necessary for AES with a 256-bit key, but it remains theoretically possible.

Vernam’s cipher has this unique characteristic of being unassailable. We also talked about it in our first magazine (#4 is being funded on Ulule). Even brute force (testing all possible combinations) is useless, we’ll show you why.

The principles of the mask



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