INER. The reduction in cases of Covid-19 is encouraging

The CEO of National Institute of Respiratory Diseases (INER) “Ismael Cosío Villegas”, Jorge Salas Hernandez, indicated that the substantial reduction in cases from Covid-19 is encouraging, although he urged the population to contribute to the risk reduction of contagion.

After 27 months of continuously providing medical care for COVID-19, at this time that hospital only registers two patients for this disease, considering that it started the week with only one person.

“It is necessary that those who have not yet been vaccinated or have a pending dose or booster, go to the modules to receive the biological,” Salas Hernández emphasized.

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On February 27, 2020, the institute diagnosed and treated the first case of Covid-19, and to date it has provided 29,475 face-to-face consultations; 11,886 remotely (in the telemedicine format); 5,937 hospitalizations; 836 from oncology; 1,538 from pediatric pulmonology, and 250 from otorhinolaryngology.

It also performed one million 185 thousand 611 clinical laboratory studies; 149 thousand 494 of microbiology; 55 thousand 755 imaging; 910 endoscopy; 14 thousand 919 rehabilitation sessions and 150 thousand 727 respiratory therapies.

Given the sustained decrease in infections, the INER resumed outpatient and hospital care for other respiratory ailments and has the methodology to convert the hospital according to needs.

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It also established the post-COVID follow-up clinic, where a multidisciplinary group of specialists in pulmonology, otorhinolaryngology, nephrology, psychology, nursing and infectious disease care for more than a thousand people who suffer from the symptoms of the disease for a long time.

INER starts reconversion in Covid center

In March 2020, the INER began the hospital conversion to deal with the most serious cases. It installed 200 beds equipped with a mechanical ventilator, intensive monitoring, infusion pumps and personnel to provide 24-hour service. At the peaks of the pandemic, hospital occupancy reached 100 percent.

With the support of the Mexican Red Cross, INER established the field hospital made up of four tents with equipment for intensive care.
1,700 health professionals were hired, including general practitioners and specialists; general and specialized nursing staff, from the chemical area, social work, respiratory therapy, imaging, clinical laboratory, stretcher and quartermaster.
All contracted personnel, as well as existing personnel, received training on disease care and the proper use of personal protective equipment. 10 thousand 042 medical attentions were also provided to the institute’s personnel, thus avoiding deaths in active personnel during the pandemic.

Salas Hernández stressed that throughout eight and a half decades, INER has been and is a national and international benchmark in the clinical, teaching and research fields; provides highly specialized services for the treatment of tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, influenza, smoking, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cancer and others, especially for people who do not have social security.

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