The National Electoral Institute (INE) has received 490,847 signatures in the first three weeks of collection for the revocation of the mandate of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador; of which, more than 54 thousand have irregularities.

This weekend, the INE reported the progress of the first three weeks that, according to the cut of November 21 consulted by MILLENNIUM, There are already 54 thousand 433 signatures with inconsistencies and 82 thousand 405 at the control tablel for irregularities, which must be reviewed in detail to confirm whether they are valid or not.

The list of 22,420 promoters indicates that as of last Sunday, 490,847 signatures have been sent, of which 351,946 are valid for being on the Nominal Electors List.

Of the rest, 12 thousand 59 were found in another registration situation either because they were not on the electoral roll (two thousand 475), because they are discharged (four thousand 816) or because their data was not found (four thousand 768). In all these cases, the reasons for not being part of the Nominal Voters List are because they did not update their voter credential, either by omission, because they are in prison or because they died.

Another 12 thousand 585 are duplicated and 29 thousand 789 have already been declared with inconsistencies.

Gabriela Georgina Jiménez Godoy, former candidate for federal deputy of Morena, is the one who has given the most citizen support, reaching 40,464 signatures, of which 31,278 are on the nominal list. Of the rest, 525 were duplicated, 239 were not in the registry, 321 are discharged and 343 were not found, in addition, three thousand 168 have several inconsistencies.

In the app My support, in which anyone can register their signature directly for the revocation of the mandate of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador due to loss of trust, only 6,336 people have been registered.

After the Superior Chamber of the Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Power of the Federation ordered the INE to accept the signatures in printed format and not only through a mobile application, the General Council went through the scheduled dates, which extended from December 15 to 25 as the deadline to deliver the more than 2.7 million signatures necessary for this exercise to be carried out.

Although so far only about 18 percent of the necessary signatures have been delivered, the electoral authority has not received the printed forms from any of the promoters, so they expect it to be until the last days that the more than 2.2 million will be delivered. of signatures in physical formats, which will put the INE against the clock to digitize and validate each one.

Of 50 thousand assistants, only 12 thousand collect signatures: counselor

Separately, José Roberto Ruiz Saldaña, counselor of the National Electoral Institute, indicated that, of 50 thousand registered auxiliaries to collect signatures, only 12 thousand are working to obtain them.

“There are 50 thousand 351 registered aides, that is, with the ability to go out with their application to collect support, however, They have only been sending 12,253 auxiliaries“he explained.

In an interview with Azucena Uresti for Formula Group, Ruiz Saldaña recalled that one of the reasons for canceling a signature in the digital application is that it is obtained from a photocopy of the voter’s credential and not the original.

The counselor indicated that The INE has until February 4 to issue the call for the revocation of mandate process, if all the requirements are met

“From December 26 to February 3 we will be doing this review exercise (inaudible)”



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