INE confirms Morena majority in Congress; PES and RSP lose registration

The National Electoral Institute (INE) concluded the calculation of the plurinominal constituency to define the 200 members that will make up the Chamber of Deputies, and formalized the relative majority of Morena.

Morena obtained 16 million 759 thousand 917 votes, for which he obtained 34.13% of the representation, followed by the National Action Party (PAN), which with 8 million 969 thousand 288 obtained 18.26%, the INE reported in a statement.

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For its part, the PRI obtained 8 million 715 thousand 899 votes (17.5% representation) and Movimiento Ciudadano reached 7.03%.

The PRD obtained 3.65% and the Labor Party 3.25%.

Encuentro Solidario (PES) had 2.75%, Fuerza por México (FxM) 2.48% and Progressive Social Networks (RSP) 1.77%, so they did not reach a sufficient percentage to maintain their registration.

The Electoral Institute also reported 41,933 votes for unregistered candidates (0.09%) and one million 673 thousand 322 void (3.41%).

After announcing the results, the president of the INE, Lorenzo Córdova pointed out that the calculation to determine the proportional representation seats does not imply that the electoral process has ended, since two stages remain pending that guarantee that the contest was held in accordance with the law.

The audit of the income and expenses in the campaigns and the assignment of the proportional representation councils have yet to be concluded, no later than August 23.

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Counselor Carla Humphrey stressed that of the 199 candidates for proportional representation, it can be anticipated in preliminary calculations that there will be 13 delegations for indigenous affirmative action, 2 from the Afro-Mexican community, 3 from sexual diversity, 4 from people with disabilities and 9 migrants.

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The winning candidates for federal councils have already received their certificates of majority in each of the 300 district councils and, after the resolution of the challenges that may be presented in the Electoral Court of the Federal Judicial Power, the allocation of the 200 proportional representation seats.

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