In the continuity of its actions in favor of the green economy, BANK OF AFRICA organized a series of regional meetings around industrial decarbonization. After Casablanca, BANK OF AFRICA is stopping in the North region, in Tangier, to bring together its customers and raise their awareness of the importance of decarbonization in a conference under the theme “Investing in decarbonization, to sustain the competitiveness of the Moroccan company.

Moroccan industry accounts for 30% of “energy” CO2 emissions, 50% of which are direct emissions from the combustion of fossil fuels and 50% indirect emissions mainly linked to the use of electricity. (Low Carbon Strategy – Morocco 2050). Thus, the decarbonization of industry is strategic for the Moroccan economy. What was the debate in Tangier on January 18 in Tangier where the BMCE looked into the challenges of the competitiveness of industrial decarbonization.

For BMCE, this is an irreversible necessity for the future of our industry, on which current and future export contracts will depend. With the objective of achieving a renewable energy rate of 50% by 2030, the support of all economic players, public and private, is becoming essential.

In this context, several players are part of a sustainability dynamic, in which the banking sector actively contributes by supporting Moroccan companies in their energy transition.

BANK OF AFRICA, the first bank to launch into sustainable finance on the market since 2012 and pioneer in supporting SMEs in their environmental approach, is strongly committed to meeting the challenge.

To this end, since last October the bank has started a cycle of conferences aimed at these client companies around decarbonization. The event which was held in Casablanca under the chairmanship of Mr. Othman Benjelloun and in the presence of the Minister of Industry and Trade Mr. Ryad Mezzour, continues today in the North region, in Tangier with a conference under the theme “Investing in decarbonization, to sustain the competitiveness of Moroccan business”.

This event will be an opportunity to bring together many public and private actors (Regional Council, CGEM, CRI, Morocco SME, AZIT, economic operators and VSMEs, etc.) with the aim of providing the necessary advice and support, allowing Moroccan companies to create favorable conditions for a successful transition to a low-carbon economy. This meeting also aims to shed light on the challenges of decarbonization and its impact on the competitiveness of Moroccan companies, especially exporters.

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With the participation of AMITH and AMICA, a particular focus is given during this meeting on the textile and clothing sectors as well as the automotive sector, given the weight of these 2 industries in the region. .

Through its commitment to creating favorable conditions for sustainable growth and its contribution to accelerating the energy transition of its customers, BANK OF AFRICA once again confirms its position as a major player in the emergence of a Green industry in Morocco and is positioned at the service of the green economy with the aim of generating a positive impact on the national productive fabric.

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