Indonesia blocks platforms like Steam, Nintendo, Epic and Yahoo

The Indonesian government has passed new internet control laws. Platforms like Steam, Epic or Yahoo were blocked over the weekend.

the essentials in brief

  • Gaming platforms like Steam, Epic, Origin or Nintendo have been banned in Indonesia.
  • The reason for this is the new laws on «Internet control».
  • The companies have to agree to new framework conditions in order to be activated again.

Numerous websites from various companies were blocked by the Indonesian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology this week. The ministry recently passed a new law. This means that content that is considered “unlawful” will be cracked down on.

The companies had until the weekend to adapt their platforms accordingly and to accept the new framework conditions. However, some gaming platforms like Steam, Epic, Origin, and Nintendo have decided against it. As a result, their content is now temporarily blocked in Indonesia. It is currently unclear when this will change.

Mainstream services like Yahoo were also affected

Not only gaming platforms are affected by the blocking. Mainstream platforms such as Yahoo or PayPal, which had not agreed to the framework conditions, were also blocked.

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