Indiana Jones 5: will the film be able to live up to expectations? Here’s what the manufacturer says

Indiana Jones 5 is a title that is literally driving fans of the successful saga crazy. It’s only been a few weeks now since the first image of indiana jones 5 and the fans keep dreaming. The producer, Frank Marshall, recently gave an interesting interview in which he talked about the latest Indy film. To the delight of the fans, who are many, Marshall also spoke about the expectations and made some reassurances.

Directing Indy’s new film will be James Mangold

The last chapter of the successful saga was released 14 years ago with “The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”. Fans were eagerly awaiting that title too but, let’s face it, it partially betrayed expectations.

Indiana Jones 5 will be out shortly and the producer reassures fans that it will live up to it.

That’s why the producer wanted to reassure fans that Indiana Jones’ latest installment will live up to expectations. Marshall is the same who produced the original in 1981. To the site A.frame he said he is sure that this time, with Indiana Jones 5, there will be no disappointments.

Marshall reassures fans: “You will be very satisfied”

Marshall called Indiana Jones 5 a great story and said he was sure fans will be very happy with this film. Not only did he go even further by saying that this new chapter of Indiana Jones will be exactly what all Indy fans are looking for. After all, the hype for the last chapter of Indiana Jones is very high also because it will be there Steven Spielberg in production with Simon Emanuel, Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall. At least for now there are still no rumors about the plot of the film and the official title is not even known.

What we do know is that in the cast of the new Indiana Jones there are high-level names such as Boyd Holdbrook, the inevitable Harrison Ford, Thomas Kretschmann and Antonio Banderas. Some time ago Kathleen Kennedypresident of Lucasfilm, also spoke about the future of the Indiana Jones saga and promised fans that without Harrison Ford there will be no more chapters dedicated to the most beloved archaeologist in cinema.

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In short, given the premises, all that remains is to be ready to go immediately to the cinema as soon as Indiana Jones 5 arrives in cinemas. However, it will still take some patience.



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