India, monkey kidnaps a newborn baby and drowns him in a well

A baby just over two months old was killed by a song of monkeys, who, after having kidnapped him, threw him into a well making him drown. The drama happened in Gadhi Kalanjar, a village in Uttar Pradesh, just 34 km south of Delhi. Keshav, the baby’s father, said Prince was caught in the house by monkeys in the night. The child slept with his grandmother in a room near the terrace and from there the primates entered.

Having discovered the empty cradle, the parents and grandparents began the research; but only after a few hours they found the body floating in the well, not far from the house.

Prince and Komal, the child’s parents, said, still in shock, that the monkeys had already tried to kidnap their newborn in the previous days. But the attack had occurred during the day and some relatives had foiled it. The couple did not think they would return, especially at night.

“After viewing the images from the security cameras, we discovered the herd of monkeys that broke into the house and, when it left, one of them took the baby away,” explains a local police officer.

Monkeys, which normally move in groups, are a serious problem throughout India, in cities as well as in rural areas; attacks on people, thefts, or the devastation of crops in the countryside are frequent. The authorities have been trying for some time to launch sterilization campaigns to reduce the number and danger, but without great results.

Dr. Jessica Mayhew, associate professor and director of the Primate Behaviour and Ecology Program at Central Washington University, he told Newsweek that although this is not the first time such an incident has been reported, he believes the behavior to be “uncommon”: “I have a lot of questions left in my head: What species was this? How many were the specimens? What were the previous interactions between the monkeys and family like? The context is crucial – added Mayhew -. Remember that human-wildlife interactions can lead to an unfortunate conflict. It is the risk of coexistence. Human beings do not live apart from nature regardless of the barriers or policies we may build to distance ourselves. This is particularly critical to keep in mind as we move forward as we face global climate change. “

Last December a gang of monkeys “took revenge” for an attack suffered by a pack of dogs in a village in Maharashtra: the inhabitants say that the “war” ended with the victory of the monkeys, who kidnapped dozens of puppies, and they they abandoned on the roofs of the houses and on the branches of the tallest trees, where they left them to die.

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