Incredible rescue: this American pilot avoided death 3 times in seconds (video)

In the United States, a pilot in his seventies had to make an emergency landing. On board a passenger plane, he landed in the middle of a level crossing. Thanks to the courage of the police, he narrowly avoided death.

This American pilot narrowly avoided death three times in seconds. Images that send shivers down your spine, worthy of an action movie. The scene took place this Sunday near Hollywood. In Los Angeles, a passenger plane pilot crash-landed on a railroad crossing. Heroic police managed to extricate the injured pilot from the cockpit just before the aircraft was torn apart by a passing train. It won’t take much for a piece of debris to fall on him.

Los Angeles police tweeted video of the rescue recorded by one of the officers’ on-board camera. According to their information, the single engine suffered a loss of propulsion while taking off from a nearby airfield. “When I was shown the video, I saw how my officers had kept their cool especially when the train came crashing down on them. They made the decision to save the pilot without thinking. They did a job incredible”, says LAPD Capt. Christopher Zine.

WARNING, the images may shock.

The septuagenarian who was at the controls was then forced to land in an emergency, then landing in the first possible place and coming to a complete stop on the tracks of a railway.

On the police video, we can see officers rushing to extricate the pilot from the cockpit, his face bleeding and visibly stunned by the blow. The police barely had time to drag him away when, just a few seconds later, a train running at full speed hit the plane, causing debris to fly around.

The pilot was taken to hospital. As of Sunday evening, his condition was stable. According to the information given by the emergency services, the septuagenarian was alone in the plane and the accident caused no other injuries.


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