Incredible Postepay, here’s what you can no longer do: “Crazy!”

Postepay has conquered a decidedly wide audience of users since its first development: with this term we are used to identify prepaid cards (often defined of debt) even if in a broader sense the name Postepay refers to the SpA developed by Poste Italiane for all telematic services, including Poste Mobile.

The products that are part of this “family” have had a great impact also at the “cultural” level in our country, accustoming thousands of users to use electronic money in a natural way both for small-medium purchases but also and above all to use it online, real natural habitat of these products.

Safety first of all

We have already examined several cases of online scams that have involved and continue to undermine the unwary Postepay users, after all, tools so well known and used by force of circumstances are also exploited to develop scams by exploiting, for example, the overt method of phishing, which is a type of scam that exploits the user to break into the device on duty and extract sensitive data.

Incredible Postepay, here’s what you can no longer do: “Crazy!”

For some years now, also to align itself with European directives, Postepay has developed a new level of protection that their products use during the online shopping phase, by activating the method Web Security which provides for the sending of a text message or a notification that acts as a “pass” to allow the passage of money.

For 2022 Poste Italiane has decided to further reduce the risks related to online scams but also to stem or limit fraudulent sites. This is why, through an official communication, Postepay products will not be usable on websites that do not comply with the PSD2 security parameters:

In order to ensure maximum protection for our customers and prevent fraud, it is necessary to inhibit operations on non-European merchants who do not adopt PSD2 security standards.“.


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