Incredible 1971 Architectural Time Capsule for sale in Florida

This incredible 1971 time capsule is for sale and we would something of

Oliver Baroni
Oliver Baroni


Welcome to Sarasota, Florida, … where in 1971 an electrician named Frank Williams built himself a cottage that was, well, something anders war.

It looks like this from above:

Round thing – already exciting. But what’s great is the fact that it’s a true icon of Mid-century architecture and design acts – inside and out.


In front of the completely renovated house there is a covered carport and a Maltese block privacy wall.

Inside, it has 120 square meters of living space, an open kitchen/living room, a bedroom suite, a guest room and a bathroom.

The house is stylishly furnished with era-appropriate furniture. The latter is not included in the purchase price, but can be purchased separately.

Which brings us to the price: the property recently had a price markdown of $100,000 and is now standing for 799,000 dollars (770,000 francs) for sale … which actually doesn’t seem too exaggerated (in the city of Zurich there would only be a 40 square meter, 1.5 room apartment for that).

Living in such a design object is certainly not for everyone. But after all, you’re not everyone. We would be there. what of.

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Architectural jewel from 1971 for sale

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But play the lottery first, probably.

Architecture, real estate and such – one can dream

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